Accepted Papers

Hot Topic Session at PQCrypto 2016

Important Dates

Submission deadline: January 8, 2016

Notification of Acceptance: January 22, 2016

Submission of Presentation File: February 19, 2016

Presentation Date: February 26, 2016 (5-minutes talk including Q&A)


PQCrypto 2016 will organize a hot topic session that addresses any topic related to post-quantum cryptography, especially recent results, announcements of workshops, standardization, contests, and other events.


February 26 (Friday), 10:30-11:30

Multi-Prime Numbers MPKC for Post-Quantum Cryptosystem [pdf]

Shigeo Tsujii, Masahito Gotaishi, and Ryo Fujita

May-Ozerov Algorithm for Nearest Neighbor Problem over F_q and
its Application to Information Set Decoding

Shoichi Hirose

Breaking the Fukuoka MQ Challenges [pdf]

Tung Chou, Ruben Niederhagen, and Bo-Yin Yang

QcBits: Constant-Time Small-Key Code-Based Cryptography [pdf]

Tung Chou

The HIMMO Scheme and its Contest [pdf]

Oscar Garcia-Morchon, Ronald Rietman, and Ludo Tolhuizen

NTRU Prime: Security and Performance Analysis [pdf]

Daniel J. Bernstein, Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup, Tanja Lange, and Christine van Vredendaal

A New Lattice-Based, Efficient, Quantum Secure Signature Scheme [pdf]

Jeffrey Hoffstein

A Framework for Evaluating Software/Hardware Implementations of
Post-Quantum Public-Key Algorithms Using Zynq SoC

Brian Loop, Ahmed Ferozpuri, and Kris Gaj

Estimating the Cost of Generic Quantum Pre-Image Attacks on SHA-2 and SHA-3 [pdf]

Matthew Amy, Olivia Di Matteo, Vlad Gheorghiu, Michele Mosca, Alex Parent, and John Schanck

An Overview of PQC Workshops/Projects and Standardization Concerns in China [pdf]

Hong Xiang, Tao Xiang, Zhen-Feng Zhang, and Zheng-Fu Han