Accepted Papers

List of Accepted Papers

Title: IND-CCA Secure Hybrid Encryption from QC-MDPC Niederreiter

Authors: Ingo von Maurich, Lukas Heberle, and Tim Güneysu

Title: RankSynd a PRNG Based on Rank Metric

Authors: Philippe Gaborit, Adrien Hauteville, and Jean-Pierre Tillich

Title: Applying Grover's Algorithm to AES: Quantum Resource Estimates

Authors: Markus Grassl, Brandon Langenberg, Martin Roetteler, and Rainer Steinwandt

Title: Post-Quantum Security of the CBC, CFB, OFB, CTR, and XTS Modes of Operation

Authors: Dominique Unruh, Ehsan Ebrahimi Targhi, Gelo Noel Tabia,
and Mayuresh Vivekanand Anand

Title: Post-Quantum Security Models for Authenticated Encryption

Authors: Vladimir Soukharev, David Jao, and Srinath Seshadri

Title: Quantum Collision-Resistance of Non-Uniformly Distributed Functions

Authors: Ehsan Ebrahimi Targhi, Gelo Noel Tabia and Dominique Unruh

Title: An Efficient Attack on a Code-Based Signature Scheme

Authors: Aurélie Phesso and Jean-Pierre Tillich

Title: Vulnerabilities of "McEliece in the World of Escher"

Authors: Dustin Moody and Ray Perlner

Title: Cryptanalysis of the McEliece Public Key Cryptosystem Based on Polar Codes

Authors: Magali Bardet, Julia Chaulet, Vlad Dragoi, Ayoub Otmani, and Jean-Pierre Tillich

Title: Analysis of Information Set Decoding for a Sub-Linear Error Weight

Authors: Rodolfo Canto Torres and Nicolas Sendrier

Title: On the Differential Security of the HFEv- Signature Primitive

Authors: Ryann Cartor, Ryan Gipson, Daniel Smith-Tone, and Jeremy Vates

Title: Extension Field Cancellation: a New Central Trapdoor for Multivariate Quadratic Systems

Authors: Alan Szepieniec, Jintai Ding, and Bart Preneel

Title: Security Analysis and Key Modification for ZHFE

Authors: Ray Perlner and Daniel Smith-Tone

Title: Efficient ZHFE Key Generation

Authors: John B. Baena, Daniel Cabarcas, Daniel E. Escudero, Jaiberth Porras-Barrera,
and Javier A. Verbel

Title: Additively Homomorphic Ring-LWE Masking

Authors: Oscar Reparaz, Sujoy Sinha Roy, Frederik Vercauteren, Ingrid Verbauwhede,
and Ruan de Clercq

Title: A Homomorphic LWE based E-voting Scheme

Authors: Ilaria Chillotti and Nicolas Gama and Mariya Georgieva and Malika Izabachène